Catholic Deliverance Manual - Robert Abel

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Degrees of Demonic Activity

1. Temptations are the most common type of demonic attack and they usually begin with a worldly or fleshly desire the devil uses to separate us from God. 

2. Infestations can occur in homes, abandoned buildings or geographical locations. They can include scratching sounds inside of walls, shadowy figures in the dark and unusual temperature changes.

3. Depressions are an altered mental state of overwhelming helplessness characterized by feelings of sadness, despair and discouragement.

4. Obsessions occur when a person becomes preoccupied with evil. This condition usually consumes a person’s life with obsessive and compulsive desires and behaviors.

5. Oppressions occur when a person is burdened with physical manifestations that can include sexual attacks at night, mild to severe illness and physical scratches to the skin that materialize for no apparent reason.

6. Possessions occur when demonic spirits take full control of a person’s body. Characteristics include superhuman strength along with the demon’s ability to speak and act through a person without his or her knowledge or consent.

7. Subjugations occur when a person voluntarily sells his or her soul to Satan.